Thursday, January 14, 2021

The Bumblebees enjoyed some exciting ice experimentation. Using something that everyone had at home, water and a freezer, the Bumblebees designed their own experiments, and had a great time doing it. Pictured are many of their experiments. Students told me about their experiments in our Zoom. They experimented with melting rates, excavation using Legos, toy animals, forks, meat tenderizers, screw drivers and hammers.  They tested the effect of salt and sugar on ice. They made ice of different colors, using colored water and dice which, when frozen, turned out to dye the dice the color of the water, or making ice jewels. They tried color combining, using red and blue food coloring to dye their ice purple. As always at Seabury, I am amazed by their ingenuity, creativity and willingness to think outside the freezer box! :) 


Wednesday, January 6, 2021

 Instead of talking about resolutions this new year the Bumblebees thought of things they would like to do in 2021. Here are some of their ideas:

In 2021 I want to go to Oklahoma.

I want to go sledding.

I want to make more people smile than frown.

I want to make my a's look like a's instead of u's.

I want to start a Things I Love art gallery.

I want to go to Great Wolf Lodge.

I want to visit Hawaii.

I want to build my Harry Potter Legos. 

I want to help Mommy shop for Christmas gifts.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

 On Wednesdays during distance learning the Bumblebees have been working on their passions projects. These projects have been completely of their own choosing. They study the subject for as long as they want and then I only ask that they make a presentation of their study to me and the class when they feel finished with their passion project. Above is a picture of the way one friend decided to present his passion project about pandas. He brought this magazine to a Zoom and explained all about it to us. It was fantastic. We have also had a video made about bunnies with a focus on their digestive system and the function of their hearing, a presentation about rocks and minerals which included rock painting and a presentation that included boards full of information about many birds. These have been amazingly well put together and elaborate. Great job, Bumblebees! I am so impressed with your work.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

The Bumblebees are studying Celebrations of Light around the world. They made such an amazing and unique set of Krathongs following our study of Loy Krathong in Thailand. It is a celebration where people put floating flower boats (Krathong) with candles on them in the river and as they float away the people send all the negative from the past year away with the boats. The kindergarten students made such lovely flower boats I had to preserve them here for all to enjoy.


Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Bumblebees, and all of Seabury, spent November remembering all we have to be grateful for. Here are the hand turkeys that some of the Bumblebees made. We are all grateful this year for family and friends, for school and learning. Here are a few other more unique things Bumblebees are grateful for this year:

Cheetahs, mystical creatures, pictures, hammocks, portals, elephants, vegetables, our adopted calf, a mermaid robe, pandas, Minecraft, National Geographic, rainbows and our hearts. I am thankful, as always, for the joy these students bring me every day. 



Wednesday, November 18, 2020

I wanted to share this work of the Bumblebees to demonstrate how the kindergarten students study the same things together but as they approach the work, they each work at a level that is a comfortable challenge for them. I call it a medium hard level. You can see here that some students write out the questions and answers themselves. Some students dictate their answers after having had the questions read to them. Some students read the written questions and write their own answers. Everyone works at their own level - medium hard!


Friday, November 13, 2020

Only at a school like Seabury would I be teaching multiplication in kindergarten and have all the students understanding and working on the subject but some friends say, I don't remember how to make a 6. :) 


The Bumblebees enjoyed some exciting ice experimentation. Using something that everyone had at home, water and a freezer, the Bumblebees des...