Thursday, February 20, 2020

 A science experiment with Skittles and M n M's. Each student with their mentor made a prediction about what would happen when their skittles or their M n M's encountered water. After their hypothesis students took a plate and a cup of either Skittles or M n M's. They arranged the candy one by one around the edge of their plate. Water was then added to fill the plate until it just touched the candy. Students discussed dissolving candy, diffusing color. What happens if the colors are left alone? What happens if they get bumped? Can  you transfer the color to a coffee filter or a piece of paper? Students recorded their findings. The colors were beautiful!

 Thank you to all the parents who helped our Valentine party be such a great success. We had so much fun, passing out Valentines, working on a koala craft and having snacks. Thanks to everyone who attended and everyone who sent in contributions.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

 Ladybugs and Bumblebees did a scientific experiment using candy hearts. Each student first made an prediction about whether a candy heart dropped in water, in 7-up and in vinegar would sink or float. Then, with their table group, they tried it. They then made observations about what happened to the candy when it was in the three different liquids. They recorded both their predictions and their observations. Students are continuing to observe as further changes happen to the candy over several days and try to determine why the candy responds differently in different liquids.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

 Bumblebees and Ladybugs spent some time working on symmetry. They used this geometric principle to create symmetry starting from a line of symmetry or starting from a created shape and finding the lines of symmetry. They also created symmetrical penguins to go with our study of Antarctica.

Monday, January 13, 2020

 Bumblebees jumped right into math this new year looking at measuring. Their task here was to measure the food trays for a space station. They were asked to measure length, width and height.  As they progressed some friends decided to find the perimeter of the tray and some the area! Their geometry skills are increasing everyday! And their own motivation and decision making is exciting to see. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

 The Tacoma Children's Museum field study was an exciting day of discovery for the Bumblebees. They definitely were not ready to leave when the time was up. I will caption the photos this time to give you the sense of the amazing activities in which they took part this day. This first one is a series of tubes with air running through. They adjusted knobs on the tubes to change the flow of air and thereby change the direction the scarf took and the place it exited the tube.
 These students are exploring the climbing area. Stairs, a rock climbing wall and a phosphorescent board to write on all delighted them here.
 This room is the Maker room full of STEAM possibilities.
 There is  a huge sailing ship and when a student pedals, the giant wings flap up and down. There are many chores to be done on two levels of the ship.
 This is the large water area with water tables of all sorts. There are jets and currents. There are sea animals and boats. If it can happen in the world in water it can be imagined here.
Noise cancelling headphones are available in the Maker space for those with sensory concerns.

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

 A field study in Seattle. An experience with live theatre watching Corduroy at the Seattle Children's Theatre. A joy filled lunch watching and listening to the fountain at the Seattle Center and keeping hungry seagulls at bay. It was a day of wonderful experiences using all the 5 senses they have been studying

 A science experiment with Skittles and M n M's. Each student with their mentor made a prediction about what would happen when their s...