Friday, October 23, 2020

Bumblebees are working on glyphs. A glyph (in math) is a pictorial way of recoding information. I will give you the questions they answered with their glyphs. See if you can learn more about our Bumblebee friends from their glyphs.

  1. 1.Draw rib lines on your pumpkin, draw 5 if you are 5 or draw 6 if you are 6.
  2. 2. Give your pumpkin triangle eyes if you have blonde hair or square eyes if you have brown hair.
  3. 3. Color the eyes black if you like scary stories or yellow if you do not like scary stories.
  4. 4. Give your pumpkin a heart-shaped nose if you have a pet or an oval nose if you don't have a pet.
  5. 5. Give your pumpkin a happy smile if your Halloween costume is friendly. Give your pumpkin a zigzag mouth if your Halloween costume is scary. Give your pumpkin a straight line mouth if you will not have a costume.
  6. 6. Color the stem brown if chocolate is your favorite candy. Color it yellow if you like candy corn best. Color the stem green if you like most all kinds of candy. Color the stem black if you do not like candy.


Wednesday, October 14, 2020

 The Bumblebees took a virtual field trip to pumpkin farm! It is unfortunate that we cannot do real field trips at this time but this was the next best thing. Each student wrote/drew a list of discoveries they made at that farm. I complied them here. We might not have visited in person, but we certainly made a number of great discoveries about what you can find at a pumpkin farm. 

Bumblebees discoveries:

red wagon


white pumpkins

corn maze



many pumpkins

purple grapes

that there was only one split in the maze and so it looked pretty easy

half eaten corn


corn field





pumpkins with stripes



corn stalk




Thursday, October 8, 2020

 The Bumblebees are learning all about harvest. Currently we are looking at apples, pumpkins and wheat being grown and harvested. Students did an exploration of apples, first whole and then cut and used their 5 senses to examine them scientifically and also wrote a poem about apples and their 5 senses. Here are three of their poems:

Apples feel smooth                                                 

Apples look like circles with stems                           

 Apples smell sweet                                                   

Apples sound crunchy                                             

Apples taste delicious                                           

Apples feel happy

Apples look like red drops

Apples smell yummy

Apples sound like drums

Apples taste delicious

                                                  Apples feel soft

                          Apples look round at the top and ovaly at the                                                                                                  bottom 

                                                Apples smell sweet

                                              Apples sound like thump

                                              Apples taste juicy

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Some Bumblebees returned to campus this week

This week we begin our hybrid class with some Bumblebees at home and some at school. Our friends have made the transition back to the building very well and our friends at home continue to work hard and Zoom with us multiple times a day. I think it could not have gone better. Great work Bumblebees!


Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Literacy and words of clay

In literacy, the Bumblebees work on sight words, reading them, writing them, using them in sentences or paragraphs, depending where they are in the process. Here are some examples of our first clay word. Making the word out of clay is another way of connecting our eyes and hands to our learning. It adds a little kinesthetic learning to our practice.


Monday, September 14, 2020

Things that fly!

The Bumblebees are learning about all kinds of things that fly. On Friday they looked at airplanes to discover what makes them fly. Then they tried out different kinds of paper airplane designs and measured the distance they fly. They learned about aerodynamics and the affect of air on the lift of the plane. They were free to design and redesign any plane they chose. Here are three of the student's successes.


Friday, September 4, 2020

Bumblebees 2020-21!

Hello! Welcome to the Bumblebee kindergarten blog for 2020-21! We are beginning this year in distance learning and the Bumblebees are already doing great work from home. For this assignment students were asked to create something that represented them, that would tell the class about who they are. Students were free to use any medium or form of expression to tell our class about themselves. Here are a few examples of their creative and unique forms of self-expression. It's going to be a wonderful year! 


Bumblebees are working on glyphs. A glyph (in math) is a pictorial way of recoding information. I will give you the questions they answered ...