Monday, November 20, 2017

 And then a trip to Ted Brown music to see a try some real instruments. We also went into the repair shop to see how instruments are fixed and to watch soldering in action.Those who tried the percussion and string instruments were excited to be able to make actual sound. On the wind instruments we just pressed the keys

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

                                                          And another six year old!
 More pictures of instruments imagined, created and played  by the Bumblebees.

 Some exciting areas of study for the Bumblebees. In our study of Harvest we have looked at several harvest festivals including Dia de los Muertos. Here some of our friends are making sugar skulls out of fabric and fabric paint. Also, after seeing Ada's Violin, the story of the recycled orchestra of Paraguay, we tried out hand at making instruments out of recycled materials ourselves in our MakerSpace.

 Happy Halloween 2017 from the Bumblebees! Thanks to all the parents for a great celebration!

 Dumas Bay Beach at an amazing -3 low tide on a beautiful day. It was amazing what we saw.  Sand dollars alive and dead  Cl...